Doing Marketing the Right Way with a 18 year old

Doing Marketing the Right Way with a 18 year old

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Learning about marketing by a 18 year old is bit of strange.

Isn’t it?

Trust me in the age of technology anything is possible a kid making his own app, oh my god!!! So after that you can trust a 18 year old to teach you marketing, right.

This article will help you learn about many things regarding marketing like

  • The basics of marketing.
  • Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing.
  • CATT Marketing Funnel.
  • Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint.

I will also brief you about my mentor and and the things he has taught me regarding in marketing in his video.

This article is for all those who are already into jobs, entrepreneurs, marketers, freelancers, and also who are eager to learn marketing.

Many people believe that marketing is not useful but the truth is marketing is useful in every field of business or to earn return. But don’t worry I will clear all your doubts regarding marketing in this article.

Ihave enrolled into the internship program by Deepak Kanakaraju A.k.a Digital Deepak, it’s only been to two weeks and I already feel connected to the whole internship group the enthusiastic nature of everyone motivates me to do my best and give my best. This week was all about law of marketing and how a person can be a better marketer and all the things that you need to remember to be successful in this field. I personally have gained a lot of things through this weeks video regarding marketing and I would love to share some of the highlights form this weeks training. At first we will see my favorite topics which I already have pinned at the top on things which we will learn today. Then I would also like you to have some extra knowledge about marketing through which you can ease the process of learning and will also help you in detailing the product.

The Basics Of Marketing

We all believe that marketing is all about creativity and all you have to do is that make creative advertisements about your products and selling it to consumers and not making a bond with the consumer.

Actually marketing is about science. We believe that marketing is done of an existing product or services but the reality is different and it is done through understanding the customer and their fellow needs which helps you in marketing. It also helps you in upgrading your product according to the needs of the consumer.

Marketing Gurus believe that sending the right message, to the right person, at the right time impacts the consumer more.

Marketing is not a continuous process once your product or services reaches a certain point and makes it credit worthiness then at that time marketing is not important for example:- If you need tutorial videos for something then you just open YouTube and search for the same they don’t do marketing about it.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” — Peter Drucker

Marketing is not the main thing in selling your first priority should always be the product, marketing is just a perception to lift up your product.

Customer is an important component for success. In today’s global business world, customers have access to all information about services and also have access to purchase communication. Only having superficial knowledge about the customers is not enough to conduct a good business. Nowadays a number of businesses have developed effective methodologies for gathering data about their customers. Recent researches have proved that customer satisfaction is one of the few indicators of a business’ future profitability. Understanding customers requires close contact with the customers to acquire maximum amount of relevant information. A customer’s experience encompasses every aspect that a company offers- the quality of customer care, product quality, packaging, advertising, etc.

Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing

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In India a very small amount of people are engaged in digital marketing due to lack of essentials, only 18 million people have WiFi in their households which becomes difficult.

In India the best way to market is through TV as out of 298 million homes, 197 million homes have TV at their home covering 800 million to 1 billion people with approx 4 to 5 persons in the house.

In Traditional Marketing, it is all about reaching a big general audience and winning by numbers. The more people see your ad, the more leads you attract.

This active way of promoting your brand has its deficiencies. For example, you have to present it and capture attention when most of the public is not open to or interested in buying what you have to offer at that time.

That means traditional channels are more effective in creating brand awareness than actually guiding leads to conversion. It requires more effort and more resources to tie in the whole marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing is a lot more than your ads on the internet. Well, it began like that, but the concept grew incredibly fast in the last two decades.

The core of it is simple: it is a strategy that uses online tools, platforms, and channels to promote a product or service. All advertising, communicating and engaging with a target audience is done via the internet.

The number of ways of doing Digital Marketing is only growing with time. They are already more numerous and varied than traditional, with the most popular being:

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing .
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The new digital way of advertising is more focused on efficiency and less on volume. The main goal is to produce ads and relevant content tailored specifically for the profile of people more inclined to buy something from you (your buyer persona).

CATT Marketing Funnel

[C] Content– It is an asset to your business. It has many forms like posts on social media, YouTube videos, arranging live webinars for better understanding of the products. The better content the better responses you get by the consumer.

[A] Attention- You need to drive attention or traffic of customers to buy your product it is possible by following steps:-

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

[T] Trust– Customer trust and loyalty are essential for building a successful business. And while this may sound obvious, it’s hard to overstate the value of establishing a solid base of long-term customers. That’s because customer retention is much more cost-effective than constant acquisition. In fact, it costs five times more to earn a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. So in order to achieve customers should be happy.

[T] Transaction– Convert your leads into customers through natural sales method. It means to do selling to your existing customers who are already loyal to you.

[n] Niche- This is the step where CATT depends upon your success and wealth of the business depends on what niche you select. Content creating starts after defining your niche. Therefore Wealth= n^CATT.

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Personal Branding: Mass Trust Blueprint

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Personal branding is very important because if you are not branding yourselves how can someone trust you.

A person will always trust an another person rather than talking to a logo or a business.They feel more connected when a person talks to another person and interacts with them by understanding their feelings. They feel that a company is non existing and don’t have feelings.

Hrithik Roshan has more following than his brand HRX.

Being a personal brand you cannot sell your brand which is disadvantage of having a personal brand.It is also very difficult to be authentic in the market.

But having a big personal brand you have an advantage of influencing people in making other sub brands out of it as being an influecer yourself people trust on you more.

How to evolve your personal brand?

  1. Learn- To evolve your personal brand you should learn different skills and techniques through concepts which helps your brand to grow. It needs practice in order to achieve success. Once you have skills it is easy for one get ahead.
  2. Work- Once you have skills they are need to get action without it they are of no use, after practicing once you have control over it implementation should get in action.
  3. Blog- While working you should also write about it on the basis of your experience. If you don’t show your work then the consumers would not like to continue with your brand if you don’t have anything to show to them. The steps should be be followed in the given manner it is not recommended to learn and blog at the same time but it helps you to remember for a long time.
  4. Consult- Step by step now you have your personal brand your blog and the experience and through your blog you can reach to public and even public can reach to you and with your knowledge you should consult other people in making their personal brand rather than working for someone. This will give you opportunity by getting paid for consulting.
  5. Mentor- After consulting one to one now you have the confidence to mentor a group of people who wants to become like you and wants to develop the skills that you have used in planning of your brand.
  6. Startup- One by one achieving all the steps now you have the skills, experience, knowledge in fact you have your own support system you also have the idea of market and people you have connected in this journey, so now it is the time to launch your on product or services because you also have the platform to do so.
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This is called mass trust blueprint because people here are gathered together to perform this whole process in mass.

Now I would like to tell one more topic which is very important in order to become a successful marketer.

Communication Skills

I personally think communication skills are must by reading this following article you can say that I have average communication skills which still needs a lot of practice in coming time, but by just looking at this article I am shocked because this my longest article which has many flaws into it which needs much more polishing to be done.

But in reality it is not always necessary to have a well spoken English with proper grammar till you have the ability to transfer your thoughts about the product to the customer then the product will sell itself.

Don’t start the conversation rather join the conversation and make it yours. If you start your own conversation people might ignore you because they are already in a conversation.

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Make the communication as simple as possible do not confuse the audience target on their needs and wants through which they trust you and become a part of your journey.

I know I am writing this is a digital form but through experience whenever I write on a paper by myself I tend to remember more and for a longer time. So write as much as you can.

If you have read my previous article on my version 2.0 you would have noticed that personally I am a big fan of English series which has helped me to to write and understand in a better way. And to speak fluently you should mainly think in that language which will help you to speak fluently.

Soin this article I have talked about everything which I can come up from my research on marketing and the knowledge I have gather from the week 2’s video for which I would thank Deepak sir for giving me this confidence to write this long article by myself it needed a lot of time to research and hard work for putting this little information in front of you.

I think this information will help a beginner to boost up their idea for marketing in their business which gives you the knowledge about what to do and not to do in this field. And I feel this is just the beginning of my research and my contribution to this field. And now I feel confident enough to start writing my own articles and start blogging since this is a part of Digital Deepak Internship Program.

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